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Primary Care

Our goal is to keep the whole family healthy. From infancy to end of life, we are here to prevent, treat and manage your healthcare needs.

Well Child Exams

Well child visits are intended to monitor and guide your child’s growth and development.

Sports Physicals

Required in North Carolina for all athletes participating in middle school and high school athletics.

Older Adult Care

We offer Medicare Annual Wellness assessments, chronic disease management and palliative care.

DOT Physicals

We can perform physical qualification examinations for commercial motor vehicle drivers.

IV Hydration Therapy

We are excited to offer a unique line of IV nutrient therapy enhancing overall health and wellness.

IV nutrient therapy blends different vitamins, minerals, and medications to create specific treatments for a wide range of health benefits including anti-aging, improved immune system, energy and athletic performance,  seasonal allergies, fatigue and overall inflammation. As well as treating symptoms of hangovers, dehydration, and malnutrition, and so much more. Because IV treatment is administered directly into the veins, the results may be faster than those of oral or other traditional medicines.

Counseling Services

Sucely de Leon, MABC, LPC -TX, LCMHC – NC offers counseling services in our office through her counseling practice, Cere Counseling.

Genetic Testing

We are now offering genetic testing through GeneSight (visit their site for more info).  The GeneSight test results can inform healthcare providers about how someone may break down or respond to certain mental health medications to help avoid multiple medication trials.

CBD Products

We proudly recommend Auxo CBD products, made here in Salisbury. CBD can be used safely to reduce anxiety, headaches, and pain, as well as improve concentration, digestion and sleep. We have a variety of tinctures, soft gels, soft chews, and creams available for our patients to purchase.

Weight Management Program

For our established patients, we are now offering a medically supervised weight management program. Schedule an appointment to explore your options.

Medication options include:

  • Semaglutide and Terzepatide- These medications have proven results, especially when paired with diet and exercise. These medications slow gastric emptying, decrease appetite, reduce food cravings, improve insulin resistance, and lower average blood sugars. Semaglutide starts at $219 per month; Terzepatide starts at $249 per month.
  • Naltrexone / Sermorelin / Lipo-Trim kit – This protocol is designed to reduce feelings of hunger, curb appetite, enhance fat burning and stimulate growth hormone levels. $250 per month
  • Naltrexone tablets – Naltrexone works by reducing cravings and curbing appetite. $90 per month
  • Lipo Mino injections – A special lipotropic fat burning combination of methionine, inositol, choline, carnitine, B1, B2, B6 and B12. Each of these ingredients can help the body turn fat into energy. $25 per week

Skincare - Waxing

Kristian Raymer offers skincare and a variety of waxing services in our office.  Please visit her site for a list of her services and pricing: Kristian Raymer.

Other Services We Offer...

• Same day sick care
• Care for minor injuries
• Telehealth visits
• Routine labs
• Common vaccines
• Women’s health

• Nexplanon
• Men’s health
• Home visits in select situations
• Medication education
• Weight loss counseling
• Referrals

(Phone) 980.330.7103    |    (Fax) 704.471.3016

417 North Main Street (Suite F),  Salisbury, NC 28144

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(Phone) 980.330.7103
(Fax) 704.471.3016

417 North Main Street, Suite F
Salisbury, NC 28144

A Marketing Image Website

(Phone) 980.330.7103    |    (Fax) 704.471.3016

417 North Main Street (Suite F),  Salisbury, NC 28144

A Marketing Image Website